Constant Property Management

In CRM / August 2015

The whole workflow... in just one app

Constant Property Management was formed in 2007 and provide tailored residential property management solutions to clients throughout the South Lakes and North Lancashire. Having previously been managed with pen and paper, Constant found they had grown in size to a point where they needed the help of technology.

After a meeting to discuss the daily operation of their business, Hut8 designed and built a tablet application with a back office database system to cover the whole workflow of Constant Property Management, from the storage and editing of client information to reporting jobs and recording the progress of events to achieve job completion.

All contractor details are stored in the system and can be allocated to jobs. Monthly reports can be generated to show a site summary for the specified client.


Constant Property Management


iOS and Android compatible tablet app and WorkflowTouch back office system.

Business Benefit

No more scribbles on paper - every piece of information you need to record in a simple, intuitive job management app.