Capital Solar Investment

In Bespoke / September 2015

Bespoke, elegant workflow solution

Capital Solar Investments was founded as a business that offers fully funded solar for commercial properties.

They approached Hut8 with a problem - too many processes, too many spreadsheets and a lack of process cohesion.

Hut8 designed, built and host a fully bespoke web app system operated from a computer browser, offering full staff login control. Users can create and edit projects, following a structured flow of information gathering and tasks to achieve project sign-off, with all information being stored in one central, secure database.

A graphical roadmap displays 'at-a-glance' project progress and the system automatically detects projects requiring most immediate action, displaying these in priority order on the dashboard upon login.


Capital Solar Investment


Bespoke web application

Business Benefit

One central database keeps every piece of information secure and coherent with the rest of the project to track progress and ensure 100% completion.