Hawkshead Brewery Trade Order App

In Sales Order Processing / April 2015

The very first of its kind...

Hawkshead Brewery has become one of the most successful independent breweries of recent times, producing an average of 20,000 litres of beer per week. From its base on the Lake District, the brewery offers 21 different types of beers which are shipped as casks, kegs or bottles to pubs, clubs and supermarkets, otherwise known as the ‘Trade.'

To facilitate the trade bulk ordering process, Hawkshead has integrated one of our sales order processing apps into its system - the first brewery ordering app of it's kind. Publicans and other retailers can simply choose the type and amount of beer required and place it into the shopping basket. Once confirmed, the enquiry is then emailed directly to Hawkshead where it is processed.

Being a mobile app, members of the trade can do this from any location – even their own beer cellar. Once again, if there is no mobile signal, the information will be stored on the device and the order sent once a connection is available.

A back-office web app used through a PC browser in Hawkshead's office allows them to administer the Order Enquiry app. User login requests can be handled, accounts can be set up and the inventory can be managed to change product details, images and prices.

There's even a feature to generate push notifications, which notify the Order Enquiry app users of any special offers and upcoming events.

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Hawkshead Brewery


iOS and Android compatible Brewery sales order processing app with WorkflowTouch back office system.

Business Benefit

Hawkshead can receive a steady flow of orders 24/7, without worring about the end-of-woking-day rush. Customer service is improved as well as company image.