Clinicard iVacc

In Bespoke / December 2014

For anyone who needs to keep track of their own vaccination history or that of their family, iVacc could just save your skin!

This useful app is a simple way to record and schedule essential vaccinations that are required routinely throughout childhood or for foreign travel.

Dates, times, locations and even product batch numbers can all be input into the app through any smartphone or mobile device. Once saved, the information can be accessed instantly, meaning that racking your brains for the information or searching through old medical records becomes a thing of the past.

The iVacc app is especially useful to those who have moved from other nurseries, schools, health authorities or even countries.

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Series of iOS and Android apps.

Business Benefit

As an innovative, first of its kind product iVacc is helping to put Clinicard onto the healthcare map.