Hawkshead Brewery Trade Order App

In Sales Order Processing / April 2015

Back office, out in the field...

WorkflowTouch is a cloud and browser based customer, quotation and job coordination back office web app, with a strong collection of supporting mobile apps for those out in the field.

Open the doors to your business and communicate with those who matter most of all: your customers and clients. Whether you are receiving sales orders, generating quotes or you have important news or offers to share, WorkflowTouch helps to improve your customer service through consistency and efficiency.

WorkflowTouch is a cloud and browser based system designed to be the beating heart of any company. It's an intuitive central database that co-ordinates all facets of your business, bringing them together and streamlining the flow of vital information throughout all areas. By reducing the double-ups and paperwork, you'll save time, effort and a few trees in the process.

Ideal for those who are constantly on the move, WorkflowTouch can be accessed from any mobile smartphone or tablet device, ensuring that you remain connected to the hub of your business at all times. Out of range? A unique cache system stores any new or edited information on the device, automatically updating WorkflowTouch when coverage returns.




Back office web app.

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